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Boot Camp

Boot Camp (TRX) in Zurich

As testament to the dedication and patience to Jayne, she has for years managed to run an early morning class in the same vein 3 times a week and still maintain the interest levels of those that attend on a regular basis.
The classes are never the same, however produce in my opinion, the same results. As an example: through the physical exercises in each class, it built up my upper body muscle groups that during a rather nasty back country snowboard accident I was subsequently shown to have partially dislocated my right shoulder. The mitigating circumstances were that, the muscles had held the join almost in place, thus allowing me to get off the hill without the need of rescue services. Had my muscles not held the joint almost in place, I would certainly have dislocated my shoulder in some of the most inhospitable mountains in the world, Oberalpstock, (3000m amsl) in the Swiss alps.
The damage took some months to heal, however Jayne designed in parallel to the normal class schedule an abdominal and lower body workout for me, in order that I could continue to participle in the class.
Classes were well designed and always slightly different from the previous, emphasis is always placed on the participant to be the best they can, there are no scoreboards or metrics where names are displayed. Instead Jayne managed to keep the attendees giving a little more each time. Probably through her encouragement to better the previous or in reps, to deliver the same speed on the last rep as on the first.
All in all this made the classes enjoyable and allowed the participants to interact with one and other, fostering a bond in class, even though there was no business or social contact between the vast majority of participants.
From an exercise structure, there was guaranteed no muscle memory from previous classes as is found with standard gym classes on machines. Jayne developed ways to use the same equipment, (which consisted of TRX, Bosu balls, free weights and the floor), to exercise different muscle groups in each separate class. This meant that on entering the class participants had no idea what was in store.
Jayne ran her classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 7am to 8am. Every class was always set up in good time before the first participant arrived. The meant that she was in the room at 6.15 every session, a remarkable achievement over the so many years considering the distance she lived from the class location. This can only emphasize her commitment to the participants and delivering a Swiss-quality service for all her customers.
Fergus Rae
Zurich, Switzerland

This is what Jayne says when to move from station to station in an hour long class, you might "change" 60-100+ times.
But No Excuses Bootcamp is more than just moving from TRX to bosu to kettle bells or deadlifts, it is changing the way you see your body from the inside out.  
When I came to this class with lower back pain and too many squishy parts, I wanted to change what I saw in the mirror.  The changes I saw over 2-3 months of training 3 days a week and running in between were gradual and steady. What i noticed first was my core strength, posture and balance. Second was my arms and shoulders seemed lean and longer, if that is possible. But the biggest change was my mind. Before bootcamp, I never knew what I was capable of and how much further I could push myself, the endurance, the exhaustion and the benefits of the high that came with it. When I felt weak or insecure in other parts of my life, I felt my personal strength in class. I found a sense of control, of stress release and just pure fun, some of these exercises are killers, but even when you flail you somehow enjoy it.
So if you want to change what you see in the mirror and how you see yourself, this is the best investment you can make in your life.

To anyone looking for a great workout:
I highly recommend Jayne’s bootcamp classes. Her workouts are fun and motivating, not to mention really challenging! I always leave her class feeling exhausted, but so proud of myself, knowing how hard I worked and how much good I did for my body.
Jayne’s class combines TRX, traditional weight lifting, agility training, core exercise, cardio, and more to provide a well-balanced, full-body workout. She is phenomenally well-organized and orchestrates everything so you never rest for long. It’s easy to keep your heart rate high and burn calories the whole time. Jayne also chooses great music and mixes in partner activities and fun challenges so working out doesn’t feel like work.
I know enough about strength training that I could work out on my own. But the truth is, I never stick with it! Jayne's classes give me the structure, motivation, and encouragement I need to hold myself accountable.
There have also been times when I’ve been injured (never in Jayne’s classes, just on my own), and Jayne has always helped me modify or substitute exercises to keep everything safe. She is a very professional, knowledgeable trainer, and I’ve seen great results. Working out with her, I became a better snowboarder, a better runner, and an all-around fitter, leaner person.
I can’t recommend Jayne’s bootcamp highly enough!
Abbie Fox

I began Jayne’s classes as more or less a newbie to the gym, and I really enjoyed the pace and style of her workouts.  Her classes have brought my fitness to the next level and really improved by cardio and muscle strength. The pace of classes is brisk, but Jayne always manages to explain and demonstrate the exercises very clearly for those who are less experienced in a gym setting, and will outline modifications if needed. She’s a stickler for proper form, which has meant I have stayed injury-free while doing some pretty demanding stuff that I wasn’t sure I would even be able to do. She’ll ask a lot of you, but you will get the most out of even a 30-minute class with her.  Jayne is hands-down the best trainer I’ve ever worked with – experienced, a great motivator for all levels of fitness, very inclusive and most importantly she will help you improve your fitness immediately!
Katherine Bart
Zurich, Switzerland
May 2016

I am allergic to the gym because for me sports goes hand in hand with being outside and  repetitive classes at the gym with the same routines, music and movements made it even worse. But I live in Switzerland and sports outside is not always ideal so I thought I would give this a chance because it was early enough for me to be at the office by 8.30. I went to the try out class and have been going 3 times a week ever since. 
Jayne makes it fun and dynamic, you never know exactly what might be coming your way :) but it will always be challenging and fun, she motivates you without pushing you and it almost feels like personal training. 
After a month I was able to do things I didn't think I could ever really do again and started noticing my body changing, tricky areas getting tighter and actually also my running tempo increased as my legs got stronger again. 
If you are thinking about it my advice it STOP THINKING AND JUST GO! You will not regret it! Or better yet don't go so that Jayne has to come back to Switzerland to us :)

 I visited Jayne’s classes for eleven months after several months of no sport due to an injury.
In those eleven months, there was no class like any another. All classes involve a warming up, a main part and stretching. From the first second on, full power is requested and the whole 60 minutes are intense. Jayne mixes exercises and power / cardio stations as well as strength exercises with weight bars. She always shows precisely every exercise, outlines what part of the body is exercised and how it would be incorrectly performed. She also points at exercises that I should be careful of due to my injury and which ones are important so that I can overcome the pain.
From the first moment on, Jayne takes great care that everyone does the exercises correctly and protects their body. She is always around and corrects when necessary. What I enjoy most, is her energy throughout all classes. She encourages every single person in the room, no matter what time or what day it is.
Jayne is the key to my personal good feeling. I am now able to practice without any pain and my body is in a way better shape and better toned. I am not a morning person at all but she proved me wrong because after the morning classes, I am always in an excellent mood all day long.
I highly recommend Jayne to anyone who would like to lose some weight, get in shape, became much fitter while having fun, improving your body feeling and meeting a great, encouraging person. I have been doing sport for all my life and met many sports coaches but Jayne is definitely outstanding and outperforms all of them.
Kind regards,
Tamara Schlaepfer - Zurich

I started Jayne’s No Excuses TRX bootcamp class in January 2014 and immediately loved it.
I loathe the gym and have never been able to stick to a regular fitness regime before but Jayne’s class is actually addictive! Jayne is an excellent instructor; energetic, encouraging and genuinely lovely. I started with little knowledge of equipment, no technique and zero strength (my nickname was Bambi!) but I improved dramatically in only a few short months.
It has now been over two and a half years since I have worked out with Jayne and my body shape has massively improved, my energy levels are higher and I dropped to my goal weight easily in time for my wedding last year. Jayne’s classes include a wide variety of workouts and equipment to keep you motivated and Jayne’s encouragement makes sure you give that little bit extra.
Jayne is a very professional, knowledgeable trainer, her workouts are always good fun, and I am truly happy with my physical results and my mentality change towards exercise in general.
I have, and will continue to, recommend Jayne to all my friends.
Thank you Jayne 
With best regards,
Abigail Nolan

I've been coming to Boot Camp for the past three to four years.  The reason I keep coming back is Jayne's commitment.
Firstly it's clear she takes time to prepare a balanced and varied workout – there's no risk of developing muscle memory' in her classes, as each one is different.. and fun!  It feels like an adults playground, as she uses different equipment and exercises each time.
I've had a few injuries over the past years (not related to Jayne's classes!) and the programme she operates means I can still participate, but take things at my own pace.  As well, she gives you 'personalised' coaching during the class, to make sure you're exercising properly.
Finally, I am probably one of Jayne's oldest class members… I'll be 55 years old this year… and based on my experience, her classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.  You can work at your own pace, or compete with others if that's your thing.  We have people who are serious triathletes and marathon runners in the class too, but I never felt threatened or intimidated – there's something there for everyone!
Heather Connor