Steve Askey - Ace’s Director of Coaching 


Steven returned to his home town to work at Heron after his coaching apprenticeship in Surrey.

Roles: to direct the junior, adult and academy coaching programmes, to provide his coaching services, and to be directly involved in the running and management of Heron.



Achievements include:

  • County Champion at junior and senior level
  • Represented Cornwall in junior and senior teams
  • Representing Heron, Cornwall Premier League Champions 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015 and Aegon Regional League Runners-up 2015
  • Competed internationally in professional events in Germany, the USA and Egypt
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science & Master of Philosophy degree in Sport Sociology: 'A comparative study of the tennis systems in Britain, the USA and Germany - trying to explain the lack of international success in British tennis'
  • LTA Qualified, Licenced Level 4 coach and LTA Speciality 10 & Under Qualification
  • Coaching apprentice to Gordon Birt (former LTA National coach and coach to 2 top 10 players in the world) and Cathy Birt (former National Champion, LTA Head of Women’s Tennis, and who has competed at the Wimbledon Championships 5 times).
  • Accredited+ Level 4 Performance Coach.

In his free time: aside from playing tennis, enjoys football, boxing, surfing and nature.