1.) Private Lessons
For one-on-one technical instruction where you can hone in on specific areas of development and normally see the fastest rate of improvement. Suitable for beginners, improvers or advanced.
2.) Shared Lessons (2,3 & 4 people)
Economical and social option for more personal instruction on specific skills to fast-track your development.
3.) Squads
Normally as part of a course, with each week’s lesson having a different theme and area of focus of instruction. Fun and social for both adults and juniors and as well as being an economical and structured way of developing your game, squads provide an ideal opportunity to find practice partners. Ace uses the LTA’s Mini Tennis framework as a guide for it’s junior squads and considers a player’s ability and not just their age when selecting the most suitable squad.
4.) Pay-on the-day Junior and Adult Sessions
These sessions tend to be less formal and more social. These sessions typically involve coaching for half of the session followed by singles and doubles practices for the second half when you can put into practice what you have been taught. Ideal to meet new friends and playing partners.
5.) Structured Hits
Mainly to provide Ace Academy players who need to practice what they have been learning in coaching sessions whilst playing against a high standard of hitter. These sessions are a good way of taking responsibility for your own game’s development.
6.) Serving & Wall Practice (at Heron, at school or on a wall at home)
For players wanting to practice techniques and work on specific areas of development independently. Ideal for grooving shots and for improving footwork and balance.
7.) Practices with other players, friends and parents
Good option to enjoy your tennis in a social environment, and at the same time practice techniques and work on specific areas of development.
8.) Strength & Conditioning
For Ace Academy players, we run fitness sessions at the centre run by our qualified strength & conditioning trainer and coaches. We can also offer advice for players wanting to tailor make their own programme.
9.) Mental Training
Particularly for Ace Academy players, our coaches incorporate subtle as well as obvious mental training into their lesson structures. If additional mental training sessions are required, Ace can offer links to sports psychologists.
10.) Competition Planning
Please check our notice board and hand outs for upcoming events. For Ace Academy players who would like help structuring a schedule to best fit their goals, please ask their personal coach
11.) Video Coaching
Filmed coaching and match sessions can be arranged so the player and coach can analyse technique, movement and tactics.