Heron and Ace Whistleblowing Policy

1. Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is when someone raises a concern about a dangerous or illegal acticvity or any wrongdoing within the club.

1.1 How to Raise a Concern 

Any concerns about a child or allegations about an adult who works with children should be raised with the club Welfare Officer.  If the allegation is about the club Welfare Officer, the Managing Director should be informed.

1.2 How the club will respond 

a) If the concern is that a member of staff or volunteer has or may have:

  • Behaved in a way that has harmed a child or may have harmed a child
  • Possibily committed a criminal offence against or related to a child
  • Behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates that he / she would pose a risk of harm to children

The Welfare Officer (or other as above) will contact the LTA and the Local Authority Designated Officer to discuss how the allegation should be investigated.

b) If concern does not match any of these criteria or, after consideration with the LADO or other appropriate agencies, it is agreed that the matter should be dealt with by internal processes the club will consult the LTA to determine the most appropriate action.

c) If the concern is that the club has not followed appropriate safeguarding procedures or has not pressed other agencies where concerns about a child persists, the Welfare Officer should be approached to seek assurance that appropriate action will be taken.

If in either case the member still has concerns that a child or children are at risk or that appropriate procedures have not been followed the member should contact the LTA and LADO or, in situations where children are thought to be in immediate danger or risk of harm, the police by calling 999.

1.3 Confidentiality & Support 

  1. All concerns will be treated in strictest confidence by all concerned. The club will protect the identity of whistle blowers as much as possible
  2. However particularly in context of safeguarding concerns it may be that an investigation process may reveal the source of the information, even if the identity of the whistleblower is kept anonymous
  3. All staff/volunteers involved in any related investigation must maintain confidentiality during and after the conclusion
  4. The club will take steps to minimise any difficulties and provide appropriate support and advice to staff/volunteers passing on concerns
  5. Depending on the nature of the concerns and the subsequent type of investigation the whislteblower will be updated appropriately
  6. All involved will attempt to ensure that any allegation is dealt with fairly, quick, proportionately and consistently in a way that provides effective protection for the child and at the same time support the person who is subject to the allegation and the person bringing the concern to attention of the club
  7. Organisations who can provide support include: